Boilers and Power Plants

Boilers and Power Plants


    SERMASA has been well established itself in the field of design of a wide range of steam and power generation plants for various industrial applications.

    We have a well-established design & engineering set up for:

    ♦ Systems engineering for the complete plant;

    ♦ Mechanical systems including boilers, auxiliaries, structural, piping etc;

    ♦ Electrical systems design and engineering of electrical equipment;

    ♦ Instrumentation and control systems for field and control room;

    After being so successful in delivering such sophisticated technology for solid fuel fired boilers, we also provide other modern steam generation technologies e.g., boilers suitable for oil & gas firing, agro-waste firing etc. as well as waste heat recovery boilers. The designs are highly reliable, user friendly, easy to maintain and has operational advantages such as quick start ability and high efficiencies.

    SERMASA has the capability and resources to design, manufacture, supply, erect and commission:

    ♦ Large capacity boilers (Up to 500 TPH)

    ♦ Suitable for variety of solid fuels, oils, gaseous fuels (including unconventional fuels)

    ♦ Waste Heat Recovery Boilers