Firetube Boilers

Firetube Boilers

  • Non-condensing firetube boilers are available for low- or high-pressure steam, or for hot water applications. Typically, a firetube boiler uses a cylindrical vessel, with the flame in the furnace and the combustion gases inside the tubes. The furnace and tubes are contained within this vessel, which also houses the water and steam.

    Firetube boilers are available in either dryback or wetback design. In the dryback boiler, a large and swingable refractory-lined rear door, integral with the vessel, is used to direct the combustion gases from the furnace to the multiple tube banks. The wetback boiler design has a water-cooled turnaround chamber that is used to direct the flue gases from the furnace to the tube banks. The wetback design requires less refractory maintenance; however, internal pressure vessel maintenance, such as cleaning and tube removal, is more difficult.

    SERMASA has large experience in Firetube Boiler´s field, furthermore we have organizational capabilities and resources to design, engineer, manufacture, procure, supply, erect and commission the complete FIRETUBE BOILER with its accessories.

    We offer a wide range of sizes up to 35 TSH (tons of steam per hour), and including firetube and packaged burners, additionally, we offer complete aftermarket solutions in terms of parts and service.

    Our manufacturing facilities located in Sertãozinho, São Paulo, Brazil, providing quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing and ongoing parts backup.

    We have a well-established design & engineering set up for:

    ♦ Systems engineering for the complete plant;

    ♦ Mechanical systems including boilers, auxiliaries, structural, piping etc;

    ♦ Electrical systems design and engineering of electrical equipment;

    ♦ Instrumentation and control systems for field and control room;


    ♦ More than 100 Boilers commissioned and operating successfully.

    ♦ Repeat orders from all existing customers.

    ♦ In-house capabilities for turnkey projects.


    ♦ Multi-fuel firing ability – Proven for inferior quality fuels.

    ♦ Steam generation capacity: up to 35 TSH

    ♦ Steam Pressure: up to 23 bar

    ♦ Reliable operation year after year – With High Availability.

    ♦ High thermal efficiency – Low operation cost.

    ♦ Low emission levels.

    ♦ Low unburnt carbon in fly ash.