Surface Condensers for Steam Turbines

Surface Condensers for Steam Turbines


  • SERMASA and TRANSENERGIE have large experience in steam surface condenser field, furthermore we have organizational capabilities and resources to design, engineer, manufacture, procure, supply, erect and commission the complete SURFACE CONDENSER FOR STEAM TURBINES with its accessories.

    We have a well-established design & engineering set up for:

    ♦ Surface Condenser

    ♦ Ejectors

    ♦ Rupture Disk

    ♦ Valves

    ♦ Steam Traps

    ♦ Y strainers

    ♦ Pressure and Temperature transmitters

    ♦ Condensate Electric Pumps

    ♦ Level Transmitters

    ♦ Globe Control Valves

    ♦ Ball Valves

    ♦ Check Valves


    ♦ Higher Operating Flexibility

    ♦ Higher Operating Reliability

    ♦ Lower Maintenance Costs

    ♦ Lower Operating Costs

    ♦ Lower Installation Costs

    ♦ High product quality